CES 2016 – Here’s what you can expect from TVs this year


TVs are often a focal point of CES and this year proved to be no different. Several TV manufacturers brought their latest and greatest wares to CES to showcase what’s in store. If you’re a TV lover, the future looks bright.

LG was one of the first to introduce its innovations to the crowd at CES. One intriguing display it unveiled was its 18-inch screen that can be rolled up. LG showed off its concept last year, but has made strides with the technology since. Why would you want a foldable display? Well, you can only take it out when necessary, which may leave you with a lot more space to take advantage of.


Image: gsmarena

Image: gsmarena


Not content with showing off just this, LG also revealed a double-sided TV that produces 1080p imagery on both sides. You can even set it to display different images on each side. LG’s initial aim with this is for use as signage or shop displays, but if you have a good-sized living room, you might be able to set it up and never worry about arguments over TV channels again.

Panasonic had its own breakthrough to announce as it unveiled the DX900, the world’s first official Ultra HD Premium TV. This display meets the requirements of the UHDA’s highest performance grade, blending the brightness of a typical LCD with the contrast and black level response that Panasonic is known for. The DX900, Panasonic says, is proof that an LCD can deliver both the brightness highs and black level depths of a great HDR experience.




HDR was one of the key buzzwords this year with Samsung, LG, Sony, HiSense, Sharp, and TCL announcing TVs that support HDR. HDR-enabled screens can show millions more colours and several more shades of brightness between black and white than normal displays, which in turn lets them show more detail.

Mammoth TVs were also in vogue at CES with Samsung showing off a 170-inch modular TV and a more modest 98-inch curved 8K TV.

And, of course, Sony had some announcements up its sleeves too, introducing new flagships in the form of the 75-inch XBR-X940D Series and the XBR-X930D Series, which is available in both 65-inch and 55-inch models.

Our living rooms will have a familiar piece of technology in them for the foreseeable future, but their capabilities, quality, size, and features will continue to amaze.

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