What to Expect from the World of Technology in 2016


As another year full of technological advancements and wonders draw to a close, we look forward to what may come next year. Here are some of the major trends to look out for next year.


Virtual Reality

Virtual reality will be one of those terms that becomes a household expression in 2016. Oculus, Sony, and HTC are all set to release VR headsets of their own sometime next year. HTC delayed the release of its Vive headset because of a major breakthrough, so we’re excited to hear more about that at CES, while Oculus Rift is probably the most known at this stage and has some amazing talent in its ranks. Virtual reality had a false start years ago, but 2016 looks like the year our childhood dreams become a reality.



2015 is considered by many to be the year of the drone. There were a lot more of those gadgets in the sky as more people saw what they made possible. Expect to see a range of developments in 2016 as drone manufacturers attempt to outdo one another and improve their offerings. This will lead to even more impressive videos on YouTube, which will in turn lead to even more drones in houses around the country. We can’t wait to see what videos people will produce with such a creative tool at their disposal.



New USB port

The traditional USB port will be changed up next year. The smaller and faster USB Type-C port was used in some laptops and smartphones this year, but will be more prevalent next year. USB Type-C is capable of two-way power, which should result in fewer cords. The downside is that all the USB cables you’ve gathered over the years will be redundant, but we’re OK with that trade-off.



Hoverboards have been the source of plenty of news in the last few weeks. Unfortunately, it’s often because they’ve been banned from somewhere, they’ve caught fire, or someone has fallen off one. However, improvements will be made, so they should be safer at the very least. And we may actually get real hoverboards like in Back to the Future. The ArcaBoard is one such board, but it won’t be affordable for most of us; it will be released in 2016 and cost $20,000. Hopefully they become more budget-friendly in the near future.



Self-driving cars

Expect to see plenty from the world of self-driving cars at CES early in January. While Google is the name most commonly-associated with autonomous driving, many vehicle manufacturers are turning their attention to it. Ford recently partnered with Google on self-driving technology, while BMW, Kia, and Mercedes are expected to detail, or perhaps demonstrate, what they have in store in the near future.


2016 promises to be an exciting year and we can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

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