The Biggest Tech Launches of 2015


At the end of 2014, we were pretty sure that tech companies would be hard pressed to surpass themselves. And yet, here we are at the 2015 amazed by what we’ve seen released this year. Here are some of the biggest and best tech launches of 2015.



From the moment the first trailers for The Force Awakens were released, the little BB-8 was a fan favourite. Since the release of the film, pictures of the little droid have filled our social media feeds with everyone eager to get one of their own. It may not have taken over the headlines this year, but Sphero’s BB-8 Droid is certainly one of the most delightful gadgets released this year.




Tablets may not have replaced the laptop just yet, but the Surface Pro 4 makes that even more possible. It’s light and portable, yet packs enough power and features to provide you with everything you need to stay productive or entertained on the go. The Surface Pro 4 runs Windows 10 Pro, features Microsoft Office, and lets you handwrite notes with the Surface Pen. It is an impressive device, it has to be said.



Google Cardboard



Virtual reality looks set to be the next big thing, but VR headset manufacturers are yet to bring them to market. Until Oculus and HTC release their headsets, we can still experience the world through VR thanks to Google Cardboard. This is a simple viewer that anyone can slot their smartphone into to enjoy media through virtual reality. And it gives you a taste of what’s to come in 2016.



Apple Watch



Apple took its time before dipping a toe into the smartwatch waters and it’s paid off. The end result is a smartwatch that lives up to Apple’s reputation for design and style, and offers a range of apps and convenient features. Some refinement is needed, and not all the features are utilised as widely as Apple would have liked, but we’re excited to see what the future may hold.




Our homes are becoming more connected and Nest is at the forefront of that revolution. It’s third generation Learning Thermostat makes life a little more comfortable and convenient. You can use it to change the temperature and control your hot water tank from anywhere, set up schedules, and it’ll even adjust the temperature when you leave to save you energy. The days of coming home to a cold house and sitting by a radiator waiting for it to heat up are behind us!

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