Make Travel one of your New Year’s resolutions



Everyone is full of good intentions come New Year’s day, but they don’t all have to make you miserable before you feel the benefit of them. Take travel, for example. It’s long been said that travel broadens the mind and it can open our eyes to new experiences, learning opportunities, and more. Travelling more is certainly making our New Year’s resolutions list.

But before we can jet off for new and exciting adventures, it’s important to be prepared. While we don’t want to be weighed down with a lot of things on our travels, there are some tech essentials that can help every step of the way.



There’s a good chance you’ll be walking around a lot when visiting somewhere new. It can be interesting, and eye-opening, to see just how many steps you take and how hard you worked on your “holiday.” Suddenly that fitness resolution may seem much more palatable. The Garmin Forerunner 225 keeps track of distance, pace, steps, and even calories burned. It can even be used to share your activities with friends and family on social media or in real-time so they can keep up with your adventures.



FitBit Surge



Get instant feedback on your walking tour from the FitBit Surge, which tracks your activities and your heart rate continuously. Not only can you stay motivated as you hike around exotic lands, but you can track your training once you get home. The FitBit Surge has GPS capabilities and works with fitness apps like Sparkpeople, LoseIt!, MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness, Runkeeper, and Endomondo, so you can relive your adventure in a sense once you get back to normality.



It’s not always possible to stop strangers to get them to take a photo of you, and sometimes your arm span isn’t great enough to take in both the subjects of a photo and the stunning backdrop. The Selfie Pole Mini is compact enough to carry around with you, but sports a generous 53.5cm telescopic arm so you can take amazing photos effortlessly. Simply slot in your smartphone, look for it in your Bluetooth menu, and snap away.



Sometimes, only a traditional point-and-click camera will do. The Canon Powershot SX700 digital camera doesn’t need a kitbag full of lenses to work effectively, and offers a 16.1MP sensor, a 30x optical zoom for long shooting, and a large 3.0″ PureColour LCD screen so you can instantly make sure you’ve taken the perfect shot before moving on.



If you have an action-packed adventure in mind, the GoPro Hero4 may be of interest to you. It is capable of capturing incredible 1080p60 and 720p120 video as well as 12MP photos. Capture a first-person shot of what you’re doing and offer your friends and family an immersive and captivating view of your trip. The Hero4 Silver is the first GoPro to offer an integrated touch display, which you can use to review video to ensure that you got the perfect shot before you get people excited about a clip that didn’t turn out as expected.



Travelling typically means some downtime as you commute on buses or rail, or even sit around an airport waiting for a flight to be called. A tablet is an essential aid as you can keep travel plans handy, check up on social media and latest news, entertain yourself, or even jot down stories from your trip. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is a powerful tablet with a big and bright screen that will handle any task you throw at it, home or abroad.



If you don’t quite trust yourself with your belongings when travelling, the GoTab Tablet is an affordable alternative. It still offers good quality hardware and software and can still act as a trusty partner on the road, but it boasts a more budget-friendly price tag.

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