How to avoid losing photos of your loved ones


A recent survey found that almost two thirds of Irish people have lost important photos of children or family members by leaving the snaps on defunct phones or computers.

The survey of 447 Irish adults, commissioned by Canon Ireland, highlighted some worrying statistics and trends. For example, 41% of Irish parents do nothing with smartphone photos of their kids. And less than 40% of us have professionally taken photos of our kids.

Marketing manager for Canon Ireland, Jonothan Sultan, issued a warning to parents who store photos on devices or social networks. “Previously when we took photographs, we printed them out and put them in albums or frames. We had a tangible record of our lives and memories but now our photographs are scattered across devices, social networks, messaging and sharing apps,” he told the Irish Independent.

There is a risk that we have a “lost generation,” he added, because photos of kids are stored on devices and never see the light of day.

Despite our unwillingness to do anything with photos, we still treasure them. Half (48%) of the respondents said that saving family photos would be a “high priority” in a fire, flood or other household emergency, Meanwhile, 96% of us describe photos of ourselves growing up is an “important” part of our lives, and 85% of Irish people put these photos on display.

Statistics show that we’re moving the storage of photos from our walls and mantlepieces to social networks and cloud storage sites. 44% of us now use online services like Dropbox, Flickr or Google Drive to store photos. And messaging services like Whatsapp and Snapchat are being used to share photos without any means of saving them for posterity.

Canon Ireland’s survey found that family Christmas pictures were among the most prized photos chosen by Irish people, followed by school, birthday and family holiday photos. Sultan said, “Given the value they place on these pictures, our advice to parents this Christmas is to ensure you regularly save your favourite photos and print the special ones so you can keep them forever.”

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