LG’s latest robot vacuum doubles as home security


LG has announced the Hom-Bot Turbo+, which will not only help you keep your home’s floors clean, but also give you some peace of mind from a home security standpoint.

The Hom-Bot Turbo+, as you’d expect, navigates the world with help from intelligent Robonavi software and a dual-core CPU. But it’s also equipped with a triple camera set up, which lets the system see where it’s going and allows the bot to record the surrounding area to keep tabs on where it’s been and where it has left to cover.

These cameras are also used to provide a home security feature known as Home-Guard, and a remote control ability called Home-View. The former kicks in if movement is detected when you’re not home and sends still images to your smartphone, while Home-Guard trasmits a real-time feed, allowing for a live view of your home or remote control vacuuming from practically anywhere.

LG hasn’t said if the robot vacuum will come to the rescue if someone does break in. Hopefully that’ll be a surprise announcement at CES 2016.

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