Nokia Releases a True Virtual Reality Camera


Nokia can’t make phones again for a while yet, thanks to a deal which they made with Microsoft, but that doesn’t mean they’ve disappeared from the tech sphere. The Swedish company is back, and they’re heading into Virtual Reality territory.

Nokia recently unveiled the OZO camera, which is a spheroid thing with many lenses that looks like it could belong in Star Wars. And it’s a virtual reality camera.

The placement of the eight camera sensors around the body allows the OZO to take full 360 degree videos which are all recorded to a single file format with a capacity of 45 minutes. There’s also an integrated series of microphones which can capture 3D sound, making this a full kit for capturing the VR experiences of the future.

The availability of technology like this will allow people to go out and capture their worlds in a way which has never been seen before, and it also makes it accessible at a relatively low cost. The camera itself will be $60,000 when it launches but with that you will have a full 3D system, including the ability to monitor the VR experience live with a headset.

With equipment like this, the possibilities of virtual reality in the future are practically endless. The OZO camera is coming in 2016.

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