Are Fairy Lights Slowing Down Your Wi-Fi?


Your home Wi-Fi is an amazing resource, a signal which lets you easily connect to the wonders of the internet without having to worry about wires.

At least that’s when it works. Wi-Fi signal can vary in strength, and that’s frustrating when you aren’t getting the best out of your connection. New research from broadcasting watchdog Ofcom in the UK has some suggestions for maximising your wireless.

Their research has shown a surprising fact – that electrical devices in the home can actually slow down the speeds you’re getting online. The glut of competing signals cause interference between your router and your device, resulting in you not being able to stream Netflix as smoothly as you can when, for example, your computer is plugged in.

Ofcom has even developed and app which lets you test your area to see if you are getting the best speeds possible, though unfortunately it’s not available outside the UK. You can watch this handy video to find out more though.

It’s an interesting issue to consider, especially this time of year as people are getting ready for Christmas. The mass of wiring in fairy lights create an electromagnetic field which can cause problems for Wi-Fi signals.

However, they’re far from the worst offenders – microwave ovens are much more of an issue, as are radiators, fridges, kettles. Washing machines, ovens and even computers. On their own, they probably won’t cause too much of a problem but as they accumulate you may find your signal is worse at the further reaches of the property.

For some help in that regard, you can invest in a more powerful wireless router, or a smart device which boosts signal in the direction where it seems to be weakest.

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