Google catches Star Wars fever


It’s hard not to be excited about the upcoming release of The Force Awakens. Even Google is getting in on the action with a number of clever touches and features that will appeal to Star Wars fans.

Anyone with an interest in Star Wars finds one side of the Force more interesting than the other. Google is letting you show the world where your allegiance lies. You can choose your side, but choose wisely as its ad says, and you’ll notice some subtle touches when you use Google apps in future. Your Google+ profile picture takes on a coloured tinge, YouTube’s volume bar has a lightsaber effect, and Google Maps replaces the arrow with a X-wing or TIE Fighter. Delightful!




Google Translate will also help you learn something new. The tool now gives you the option of taking English words and translating them into Aurabesh. This is the one of the more common written languages in the Star Wars universe; it’s basically the written version of ‘Galactic Basic,’ which most people speak. And conveniently enough, Galactic Basic happens to be English.



You can head over to Google Translate to start composing messages and learning a thing or two. Just don’t get cocky kid.

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