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There are plenty of options when doing shopping for Christmas; just take a look at our gift guides for men, women, and on a budget, for starters. It’s best to start early as it gives you plenty of time to do some research, explore different options, and get something that might be harder to get in a rush. The last thing you want is the stress of hoping that something arrives in the post as Christmas arrives.

Gadgets are often fantastic choices because you can find something that’s a little bit different, but still fits with a person’s tastes and interests. Whether you need a stocking filler or something a little more substantial, you should be able to find a gadget to match. And, perhaps best of all, there are options to suit budgets of all sizes.

Here are just some ideas to get you started.


BB-8 Droid

The little BB-8 Droid rolling around in The Force Awakens trailers has taken the world by storm. It’s easily the most anticipated movie of the year and you can give one of its distinctive characters to the Star Wars fanatic in your life. The BB-8 Droid isn’t just a quick cash-grab; it is packed full of clever and useful features. It can mosey about itself or can be controlled, , and can even be used to record holographic messages, which is a feature that will thrill any Star Wars fan.



Jam Trance Mini

Add a little colour to any music listening session with the Jam Trance Mini. The portable speaker features five LED light programmes that help it become the life and soul of any party. It may be small, but it’s a powerful speaker. It’s also Bluetooth enabled so you don’t have to worry about wires trailing around the place, while its rechargable battery ensures up to five hours play time.



Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone

This is the perfect gift if you know someone who likes recording videos. The Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone can help filmmakers and video producers get creative with wonderful panning shots, close-to-the-action video, or completely new angles. The Alpha is well capable of tricky maneuvers and, while it’s lightweight, it can hold its own in mildly windy conditions. Hollywood may have to keep looking over its shoulders as tools like this let amateurs produce more creative content.



AKAI Bluetooth Receiver

If you know an iPod or iPhone owner, there’s a good chance that they have the music dock side of things covered. But this pocket-sized Bluetooth Receiver can give them some freedom. It allows them to stream music wirelessly through Bluetooth, so they’re not tied to their sound system.




Hahnel Unipal Plus All-in-One Charger

Any gadget lover by nature has a multitude of devices that must be charged. This All-in-One charger takes some of the heartache out of owning devices with rechargable batteries; it can charge all the Li-ion/Lithium Polymer and AA/AA Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries, while the USB port allows for USB-powered devices to be charged. And with a voltage range between 100 and 240 volt, the Hahnel UniPal Plus Charger is suitable for use anywhere in the world. It even takes the guesswork out of charging thanks to its LCD screen that indicates the charge level.



Ted Baker Touchscreen Pen

Stylus pens may be practical, but they’re often plain and boring. Trust Ted Baker to step in with a more fashionable stylus. The touchscreen pen doubles as both a ballpoint pen with black ink and a stylus. It also comes with a matching pencil case for convenient, yet fashionable, storage.


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