The Rise of Music Streaming



Music streaming services have changed the way we go about our day-to-day lives. We can wake up in the morning and put on a playlist to kickstart our day the right way, listen to powerful rock anthems when exercising, try out some new sounds based on recommendations, and drift off to sleep with some orchestral ambience. We can now soundtrack our lives at the push of a button.

These services are convenient, accessible, and are quite cost efficient. Many offer free trials, giving you access to millions of songs from any genre you can imagine. You can also pay a monthly fee to avoid ads, as well as other benefits, which works out as better value than buying two albums a month.

Most importantly, these services are personalised and become even more so the more that you use them. You can make playlists of your favourite songs or ones that get you in a particular mood so that you can just press play rather than constantly scrolling or searching. And some services will even offer personalised recommendations of songs, albums, and artists you may like based on what you’ve been listening to.

Some allow you to download tracks to your mobile device, but for the most part you’ll be streaming. So while it’s tempting to listen to streamed music morning, noon, and night, you’ll want to make sure your mobile data allocation and device’s battery can keep up!

Spotify features free and premium (€9.99 a month) tiers, with a 30 day trial. You’ll find millions of tracks and organised playlists as well as features to show off new artists.
Best for: Song catalogue and discovery

Launched in 2015, Apple Music brings the mighty weight of Apple to bear. It features curated stations with selections from major DJs and you can use Apple connect to follow your favourite artists.
Best for: Integration with Apple and social content

Launched a year after Spotify but still playing catch up Deezer offers unique services like ‘Flow’ – which includes your own library. Premium (€9.99) improves audio and lets you download tracks.
Best for: Audio quality

Google Play Music offers a great 60 day trial for interested parties, with the option to pay €9.99 a month if you like it. The online library is huge and you can also sync your own music and listen to curated radio stations.
Best for: Android users and song catalogue

Owned by Jay Z and other artists, it offers listeners high fidelity music streaming as well as expert content. For €9.99 you get regular Tidal Premium and €19.99 for Tidal HiFi.
Best for: The approval of Taylor Swift, and others.

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