Virtual reality camera aims to bring VR shooting to the masses


The general public is still unable to get their hands on virtual reality cameras to produce VR content, but that could be about to change. The LucidCam aims to make it more affordable to shoot 3D 180-degree virtual reality footage.

It’s meant to be a point-and-shoot camera for capturing VR content on the go, so much so that it is pocket-sized. The camera has a 180-degree field of view, so all you need to do is hold the camera steady and press a button.

The LucidCam is also mountable, so with its 180-degree field of view and true depth perception, it produces a first-person perspective that really makes you believe you are there.

This footage can then be watched on a smartphone, with or without a Cardboard-style viewer, or on a VR headset.

LucidCam is currently raising funding on IndieGoGo so that it can enter mass production. Already, 126 people have pledged $299 so that they can get early access to the VR camera when it launches in mid-2016.

A widely available VR camera can only benefit the acceptance and widespread appeal of virtual reality content. There are some clever and creative people out there just waiting to blow us away with some amazing content.


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