Top Features of the New Apple TV


The new Apple TV is here, and it represents a huge leap forward from the older version of the device.

Apple TV is all about bringing a seamless content streaming solution into your home. It’s a small box which connects to your television and lets you access a range of apps for movies, music, games and more.

The new Apple TV is all about apps, bringing new user experiences for users and expanding the range of entertainment options on your television until it rivals your iPhone or iPad.

This latest generation gives you access to the Apple app store and the wealth of content inside. That means everything from education apps on your big screen to the best games, powered by the fast A8 processor.

The remote has been updated too, with new touch controls to revolutionise your TV interactions. Now you can use your thumb on the Touch surface to swipe and select effortlessly and intuitively for anyone who uses a smartphone. It makes interacting much easier than before, without having to worry about buttons.

New Apple TV also adds Siri for the first time. With the mic hidden in the remote, just call out ‘Hey Siri’ and she’ll be ready to help you find some entertainment. You can ask for film with a certain actor or get suggestions on what to watch next. You can even just ask her what the weather will be like tomorrow!

The new Apple TV makes your TV even better than before, and is available from Harvey Norman online and in store now.


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