WiFi Signals Can Spy You Through a Wall!


Many of our homes contains a WiFi router, which connects our smart devices wirelessly to a home network and then the wonders of the internet. This involves sending out RF waves throughout the house, and those waves have some interesting applications.

The latest experiment using RF waves has figured out a way to let them see through walls. That’s right, your WiFi router could soon interpret it’s own signals to see what you’re up in another room!

The waves are sent through a wall and reflect off all kinds of surfaces, including the human body. Then, in this prototype from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence lab, the returning waves are interpreted to see what’s going on.

The data is interpreted from multiple frames and finds shapes it can identify as roughly human. From there it can pick out areas like the head and torso with reasonable accuracy and can even track hand movement from a room away.

Right now, the hardware and software is capable of seeing whether a person is breathing or not and can even distinguish between different individuals once it has been given some time to learn their body shape.

It’s a pretty amazing use of very popular technology and has a whole suite of applications. You could use it to keep track of the elderly or young in case they hurt themselves or use it as an advanced alarm system. Other applications include being able to use your body as a video game controller, like the Microsoft Kinect!

The technology already feels quite advanced for such an early stage and the idea of using something as ubiquitous as a WiFi signal means that it should be accessible to a large number of people.

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