U2 teams up with Apple for virtual reality experience


U2 has linked up with Apple once again, this time to offer fans the chance to experience a 360-degree virtual reality music video.

The VR video for U2’s ‘Song for Someone’ is available on the Vrse app, though you’ll need a compatible smartphone to watch it. The video was filmed by the band in an empty arena in Toronto, with fans from different gigs around the world added in.

Apple’s Experience Bus has also been doing the rounds, letting people use Oculus headsets to watch the video alongside fellow U2 fans.

Wired notes that Apple started working on this project before launching Apple Music, which goes to show the groundwork that went into it.

Previously, Apple gave away U2’s Songs of Innocence album for free to around 26 million iOS users. While U2 fans were pleased, many looked the gift horse in the mouth, which led to Apple issuing instructions as to how to remove the album from their library.


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