Google Photos has 100 Million Monthly Users


Google Photos is a new service which split off from Google+ earlier in the year and offers a way to back up your snaps easily on mobile or desktop.

You can set it to scan folders on your phone or computer for new images and automatically sync them to its servers, giving you a readily accessible backup. Images can be uploaded in their original size but it will use up your storage allocation, or you can opt for infinite numbers at a lower resolution.

It’s an amazing service, going far beyond mere storage to give you great curation and tagging options as well as automatically creating nostalgic albums, stylised photos and even creates unique videos from your snaps and footage.

And thankfully people are flocking to Google Photos, with the company recently announcing that it has over 100 million users every month after less than half a year. By comparison, it took Twitter almost five years to reach that figure, showing just how important photos are to everyone these days.

Get more info on Google Photos here.


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