New Gear VR headset will be available soon


Samsung and Facebook-owned Oculus will soon launch a new version of the Gear VR virtual reality headset for $99. That’s half the price of the previous “Innovator Edition” headset.

The headset will first be available in the United States. It is set to be released in time for Black Friday, which falls on November 27th. They said that it will be released globally shortly thereafter.

Samsung says that the new version of the Gear VR headset is 22% lighter than the previous model and works with Samsung’s 2015 lineup of smartphones, including the Galaxy Note 5, Edge Plus, S6, and S6 Edge.

Oculus meanwhile is hard at work to ensure that there is a steady supply of content for those who invest in the VR headset. It is partnering with Netflix, Hulu, Vimeo and Twitch, among others, to bring video content and streaming to virtual reality, while it’s also said that it’s working with movie studios to acquire films that users can buy or rent.

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