New Adobe Feature Removes Tourists from your Snaps!


Going on holidays to a faraway country is an amazing experience, letting you see an entirely new land and the amazing sights and attractions that are on offer. The only problem, sometimes, is that everyone else is there too!

We all know the frustration of holiday snaps around fabulous locations which are jam packed with tourists spoiling the view. And while it’s maybe not possible to remove them from your view at the time, you can ensure your photos are clear with a new feature from Adobe.

Monument Mode is a new app from Adobe which will help you to take a photo, and then goes even further to more or less magically clear away those annoying other humans.

Here’s a demonstration. Nick Offerman is there for some reason.

That was a little awkward but the technology won through. Basically the tech is capable of identifying moving objects like cars and people and eliminating them in favour of capturing the beautiful monument instead.

That’s a very useful, though we assume that for now it won’t fix the problem if the tourists aren’t moving – so make sure no one has fallen asleep next to the sights you’re planning on photographing.

The app isn’t available yet but expect more news from Adobe on it soon.

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