Apple has plans for a ring-shaped wearable


If you want your jewellery to be smarter, but the Apple Watch hasn’t caught your eye, Apple has another wearable planned that may be more appealing.

Apple has been granted patent for the iRing. This ring-shaped wearable will slot onto your finger and can be used to send texts, check the time, and even take photos. The images below from Patently Apple give us an idea of what this wearable might look like.

The iRing, assuming it gets developed, will feature a tiny touchscreen with apps within thumb’s reach. You can also use a microphone to dictate messages, and a small camera will let you take pictures.




Apple has been emphasising the health features of its recent devices, and the iRing looks to continue that trend. It will feature biometric sensors to keep an eye on your heart rate, perspiration levels and temperature. This health data will likely be sent to a connected phone app.

A novel feature, according to the patent, is the ability to detect the writing motion of the user. This will let people digitally record hand-written notes, which could certainly come in handy.



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