Facebook Reactions are Here!


Facebook got a major update last week, and it’s bringing a range of emotions to your timeline.

Reactions are a way of expanding on that old favourite, the thumbs up on Facebook. This ‘like’ mechanic has become totally synonymous with the social media service but actually only came into being in February 2009.

That’s right – like wasn’t always there!

Anyway, Facebook guy Mark Zuckerberg recently mentioned the possibility of adding a ‘dislike’ feature but it turns out the reality is much better. Now when you hover over that thumbs up you’ll get a new animated list of options.

This feature will pop up anywhere there’s a like button and while it started out on desktop it’s also now being rolled out to mobiles. The point of Reactions is to give you more ways to interact with a post – for example being able to sympathise with bad news, rather than having that weird moment where you’re wondering whether liking something is actually a bit mean.

One interesting part about this test is that it’s exclusive to Ireland and Spain. That’s because users in these countries tend to have friends on Facebook from the same country, so they won’t be talking too much about new features which many on their timeline can’t see.

With a test of this scale, it’s pretty clear that Reactions will be rolling out worldwide in the not too distant future. Why not give it a go right now!

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