Irish Households Aren’t Prepared for Fire Threats


Irish households are underprepared for fire and carbon monoxide threats. A survey from Nest revealed some startling, and downright worrying, trends.

We love to hate our smoke alarms, it seems. While 95% of households have at least one smoke alarm, around 72% of survey respondents said that they’re not very confident that their smoke alarms are in working order. Almost 90% of people admitted that they don’t test their smoke alarms weekly, as is recommended, while 7% said that they never test them.

Our priorities are clearly out of order. This is further proven by the fact that 83% of adults said they’d retrieve things from their house. A whopping 53% said that they’d save their mobile phones, with wallets (49%), pets (45%), keys (41%), and computers or tablets (27%) rounding out the top five.

But as worrying as these survey results were, it turns out we’re even less prepared when it comes to carbon monoxide safety.

Despite 83% of survey respondents knowing that carbon monoxide can be lethal, more than half of them said that they don’t have a carbon monoxide alarm in their home. And we don’t know what we’re looking out for. One if five believe that the common sign of a CO leak is an unusual smell, despite it being an odorless gas.

The best way to protect your home and ensure that you’re prepared for these threats is to have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed in your home and to test them regularly. The new Nest Protect tests itself automatically, lasts up to a decade, and can detect poisonous carbon monoxide. It will tell you what and where the danger is, and it can even send alerts to your phone.


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