Microsoft Surface Book Explained


Microsoft had a major press event this week, showing off their new Surface Pro 4 tablet as well as new mobile phone and fitness offerings. But the biggest surprise of the night was definitely the Surface Book.

Despite being a major name in the tech space for decades, this is actually Microsoft’s first ever laptop, and they’re promising big by calling it the ultimate portable device.

It also seems like they’re delivering on that promise, with the Surface Book managing to offer up powerful specs and performance in a unique form factor which should make it a highly desirable item.

At a basic level, it’s a laptop with a 13.5 inch screen with a smooth and premium-looking machined magnesium body. There’s a backlit keyboard with full-sized spacing and movement, as well as a glass trackpad.

The really fancy stuff starts with the ‘dynamic fulcrum’ hinge which really gives the design a unique accent. And it’s also where that you’ll find the button which releases the display, offering you a high quality HD tablet which is big on battery life and performance.

Without question, this is still a laptop though and Microsoft is saying it’s the most powerful 13.5 inch model around – up to twice as fast as the Apple MacBook Pro. You’ll find the latest i5 and i7 chips on board with up to 16 gigs of RAM and extra graphics power – that’s actually stored in the base part so you’ll have added oomph while docked.


Naturally as a Surface device it’s all optimised for the latest version of Windows 10 with the new Office suite and Edge browser. And the screen is also compatible with Microsoft’s new Surface Pen, perfect for creative sorts.

The Microsoft Surface Book takes all of the potential of the Surface Pro range and brings it together with a real laptop experience without compromising portability or power.


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