Disney Invests in the future of Virtual Reality


All signs point to a bright future for Virtual Reality over the next couple of years, and some companies are getting in early.

Disney has just invested $65 million in VR through a company called Jaunt. And they’re all about this newly emerging tech, as the creators of hardware which shoots 360 degree video as well as the complex software which puts all of the data together to make it viewable for you and me.

Jaunt is also primed to enter the content space, as one of the premiere creators of virtual reality movies and experiences. The Californian company wants to revolutionise the way we watch movies, enveloping us in wall-to-wall imagery and atmospheric sound.

It’s a pretty major aim to have, changing the face of an industry which has remained more or less the same for decades, but Jaunt will have plenty of help from Disney. As the entertainment giant behind the Marvel movies, Pixar, Star Wars and 70 years of animated classics, they know a thing or two about the industry. And with their backing the future of virtual reality is brighter than ever.

A range of consumer focussed VR headsets will be available in 2016, with the Oculus Rift coming to Harvey Norman within the next few months. Stay tuned for more.

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