Apple Watch Review – the Smartwatch Has Arrived!


The Apple Watch is a major new direction for tech giant Apple, and it might just transform the way you use your smartphone.

The concept of the smartwatch has been around for a few years now, but when a major player like Apple gets involved in the sector, you know that the technology is here to stay.

Put simply, the Apple Watch is a companion for your iPhone. Once the two are paired together, you’ll get much of the information from your handset relayed on the small screen on your wrist. From there you can interact with various apps and control certain functions, all with minimum fuss.

And that’s really what the Watch is all about – making your life easier. How many times have we scrambled to find a ringing phone only to realise that call wasn’t anything important. And how about missing a significant text message because you were away from your handset for a few minutes?


With Apple Watch, those issues are a thing of the past. A call or text sends a notification to your wrist and with a glance you can decide whether you need to take immediate action or whether you can get on with your day.

That’s the simplest and most elegant part of the Watch experience, and Apple’s latest product performs it beautifully. With its bright and clear OLED screen you’ll be able to see what you need instantly, and subtle vibrations and haptic feedback give you information with just a touch.

Naturally, as an Apple product, the Watch is also gorgeous to look at – with clean lines accentuating the slim and sleek look of the main device itself, which you can also accentuate with a range of available straps.


There are three versions available right now – the Watch Sport, Watch and Watch Edition. The first model is for active sorts, featuring an aluminium case and Ion-X glass to keep it safe. The Watch is in sleek stainless steel and is covered by super-tough sapphire crystal. And the Watch Edition is surrounded in 18-karat rose of yellow gold for the ultimate fashion statement.

Using the Watch starts with getting those all-important notifications on your wrist but there’s plenty more going on as you spend time with the device. The combination of the touchscreen and Digital Crown makes it easy to navigate the menus and choose from the many watch faces and their complications – small live widgets with information like the weather, moon phases, battery life and more.

Dive further in and you’ll find a suite of fitness tracking software which takes note of your steps and calories burnt, together with extra data from the included heart rate sensor, accelerometer and GPS tracker.  That all comes together in the dedicated fitness app, with daily goals to get you feeling fitter.

With an included microphone and speaker you can also make calls with the Watch, just be speaking into your wrist. The mic also allows for the use of the Siri digital assistant which opens up a huge amount of interactions, with more available since the Watch OS 2 update. You can even dictate a text message to her for an instant reply.

Watch OS 2 adds a huge amount to the strong base established by the Apple Watch on its release earlier in 2015. There are new watchfaces, including ones which feature 24 hour timelapses of cities around the world.

Complications have been expanded to draw data from more apps, add your flight data right on your watchface! And a quick twist of the Digital Crown now let’s you see events in the near future and the recent past – just so you can be all caught up.


There are also entirely new ways to communicate with others, letting you send personal images, a unique tap pattern or even your own heartbeat to a friend or loved one, no matter how far away they are.

Your interaction with the Apple Watch starts out in a very simple way, helping to free you from the constant tether of a smartphone with numerous notifications coming in every minute. It gives you a chance to breathe and adds in extra features which make the simple act of communicating feel fresh and exciting once more.

The smartwatch revolution is upon us, and Apple is leading the charge with the best wearable on the market right now in the simple, refreshing and innovative Watch.

The Apple Watch is available from the 25th of September 2015 at here.


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