Turn your lights on at home this winter

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With the evenings getting shorter, the Gardaí are informing people to turn their lights on at home in an effort to deter burglars.

Unfortunately, longer and darker evenings mean more opportunities for burglars. The Gardaí issued a warning about an expected rise in the number of burglaries coming into the winter months.

While burglaries can happen at any time of the day, as the National Crime Prevention Unit’s Sergeant Kelvin Courtney said, “the number of residential burglaries that occur between the hours of 5pm and 10pm, fluctuate throughout the year; depending on the levels of darkness.”

Last November, there were twice as many burglaries between 5pm and 10pm compared to the same window in June.

Darker evenings can make homes appear vacant. One piece of advice given was to make sure lights are on in the house between these hours in order to discourage potential intruders.

But what if your house is vacant in the evening? That’s where technology comes to the rescue. Timers, such as Belkin’s WeMo LED Lighting solutions, can control when your lights come on, no matter where you happen to be.




You can program your lights to turn on automatically at sunset or turn them off after you leave home, all from your smart device. Once you have internet access, you can access and control your WeMo Smart LED Bulbs while on the go. That’s ideal if you happen to be out later than anticipated.

You can get started with a WeMo LED Lighting Starter Set, available from harveynorman.ie.

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