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Excel is a program that’s most likely new to a majority of students upon arriving in college. While it’ll primarily be used in accounting classes, it is a powerful program that serves a variety of purposes.

When completing assignments, you don’t have to rely solely on Word; Excel can offer some nifty features. And, if nothing else, it can help you create a budget so that the last few days before getting an injection of funds into your bank account aren’t a struggle.


Basic math:

While Excel can do a lot, it’s important to learn how to do the basics. These videos will walk you through basic math using formulas and functions.





Create a chart:

It’s said that a picture says a thousand words. While it won’t help you reach your word count on an assignment, it can provide a great visual representation of your point and make your assignment pop. Here’s how you can create charts in Excel.



How to use conditional formatting:

Excel can make it much easier to quickly analyse data thanks to conditional formatting, which provides visual cues. This might be useful when keeping track of when assignments are due, for example.


Print worksheets and workbooks

If using an Excel worksheet or workbook as part of an assignment, you may need to print it out. These videos show you how to print Excel projects correctly and the various options you have available to you.



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