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IFA 2014 Eingang Süd IFA 2014 Entrance South

IFA 2015 is here, with all manner of technological innovation set to be shown off over the next few days in Berlin, we’re counting down some of the biggest rumours ahead of the official press conferences.

The Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin expo 2015 will run from the 4th to the 9th of September 2015, here’s what we might see from the show.


Samsung has already announced its new smartphones for the year and also brought along a new UHD blu-ray player which will support four times the quality of regular blu-ray. It will also include high dynamic range technology for more realistic colour and contrast representation.

They also introduced Samsung SmartThings, designed to harness the power of the Internet of Things. Basically you’ll get a central hub which hooks up to your home wireless and can then connect to a bunch of other devices.

The pack comes with a range of sensors that have all sorts of uses – like putting the Presence sensor on a set of keys will automatically open a smart lock and turn on the lights or heating inside. These action can be programmed with the versatile app and many different smart devices will work with the hub.

Sony has a range of new Xperia Z5 smartphones, one of which has an absolutely ridiculous 4K screen, and will also be showing off new High-Res audio enhanced Walkman devices as well as colourful headphones.


Computer fans will want to stay tuned to the Acer stands, where they’ll be showing off a new modular design for a desktop PC. The basic architecture can be easily upgraded by simply installing new units in the stackable tower design – you can get a plug and play new blu-ray drive or hard drive installed in seconds.

They’re also going heavy into gaming with a couple of powerful phones, one of which comes with its own keyboard and mouse. And there was a compact and impressive projector called the Predator, it’s sneaky.

HTC will be out to spread the word on Virtual Reality. They’ve teamed up with Steam creators Valve for the Vive – which features some of the most impressive VR tech around. Expos like IFA are highly important to the future of virtual reality because they let real people experience the best of what the technology is capable of.


LG is likely to present the new G4 Pro, a premium phablet phone with top specs. They’re also looking to bring a range of massive 4K TVs, pushing out the message about 4K resolution. There’s a good chance of spying a new tablet and maybe even a cool Android Wear smartwatch.

We’ve already seen some of what Toshiba has on offer in the form of the new Satellite Radius 12 notebook. It’s the worlds first 12.5 inch device which features a 4K screen – you can probably guess that 4K is a big deal for IFA 2015. The Satellite Radius 12 also has Intel’s new Skylake processors for added speed and better battery life.

There are a couple of obvious buzzwords for IFA 2015, and it starts with 4K UHD – the new preferred format for just about every TV, tablet, laptop and even smartphone. As ever there will be a lot of new wearables and a fair share of quirky devices that will be viral video stars for a couple of days.

Stay tuned for more from IFA 2015.



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