3DR Solo Drone – Versatile Flying Soon at Harvey Norman


Drones are becoming increasingly popular for video and photography fans thanks to the wealth of new possibilities they bring. You can add cinematic flair to a video by reaching heights no crane could reach or grab a unique aerial view of your house with your own personal drone.

They possibilities are endless, but many drones today aren’t that easy to get to grips with. That’s where the 3DR Solo comes in.

The 3DR Solo has been designed from the ground up to be really easy to use. That starts with an important element like the remote control. It has been put together with an eye on game controllers so it’s ergonomic and – most importantly – very accessible. Control the drone with ease and it will also let you interact with the GoPro camera on the fly.

The drone itself has advanced features, thanks to its dual onboard computers. You can set it up to take amazing shots automatically – like panning around a fixed point for smooth images. It will even take perfect shots by lining up your start and end points and letting it do all the work!

The 3DR Solo will fly at a blistering 88 km/h up to 121 meters and has an impressive battery life of 25 minutes. The advanced camera cradle has been created with GoPro models in mind and can even charge your camera as you fly!

The 3DR Solo is really a smartdrone, using the best and latest technology to help you take the kinds of photos and videos you really want without having to spend weeks and months with complicated controls. With an accessible controller and mobile app, you’ll be up and running in no time.

The 3DR Solo as well as a range of accessories is set to launch at Harvey Norman Ireland on the 28th of September, click here to pre-order.

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