Microsoft Could Turn Your Phone into a 3D Scanner


3D printing is a new technology that’s set to revolutionise the world in areas like construction, medicine and more. But in order to print something in three dimensions you first have to have a scanned 3D model – and that’s where your smartphone comes in.

Micorosft has a new piece of software in the works called MobileFusion and it’s capable of turning your everyday smartphone into a sophisticated 3D scanner.

The tech works by using the rear camera on your phone to take a series of photos of an object. With enough images from different angles, the software can use the data to create a 3D model with a close approximation of the geometry of what you’re looking at.

The 3D model is built in real time and it looks pretty extraordinary, as you can see in this early video.

This is still early days for MobileFusion but you can already see the applications of what you’re looking at. Imagine being at an isolated location and needing a very specific tool for an important task. A colleague could scan the tool at another location, send you the data and you could 3D print it locally.

The future of 3D printing and scanning is going to be amazing.

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