Top 5 Uses for Virtual Reality Headsets


The Virtual Reality revolution is here! After years of testing and teasing the first commercially available headsets will soon be in the hands of users all over the world.

It’s easy to imagine how VR could help you to become more immersed in the 3D world of a video game but the technology actually has a huge range of other applications which you can look forward to in the near future.


1. Travel Without Travelling

The world is a massive place and while we would all love to travel to its four corners the cost is huge factor. Now you can experience the next best thing by being a true armchair traveller. Google has been improving its Street View tech to take you to isolated places in Nepal, the Amazon and more recently, and you’ll be able to navigate and look around these stunning vistas.

And that’s before we mention all the VR tourist experiences which are currently in the works by tourist boards. You’ll be able to get a feel for a place before visiting or bask in the sights and sounds of somewhere totally unique and inaccessible.

2. Step Inside a Movie

The Virtual Reality entertainment industry is still in its early days and so are its cinematic offerings. But the future of the technology is mind blowing. We’ve already seen examples of CG animated movies which immerse you into a totally fantastical world and require you to look in a certain direction to make the action proceed.

And VR ready video is easier than ever these days thanks to special cameras which shoot 360 degree footage. This video can now be uploaded directly to YouTube, letting you launch it and pan around in real time as the footage plays out. You can look wherever you want – which is really revolutionary if you think about it!


3. Get Totally Immersed in a Game

Of course, the most obvious example of how to best use VR is in gaming. Imagine stepping into the cockpit of your futuristic fighter and launching off into space. You’re in a virtual cockpit and can look around to see enemies in front of and behind you, locking on and firing with your real-world controller.

Or imagine a shooting game where you control where the character is looking, picking off foes with deadly accuracy. Or just getting lost in a world of amazing graphics and being drawn in by an incredible story which feels like its being told just to you.


4. Watch a Movie on a Massive Screen – on the Moon!

This is an example of what VR can do which hasn’t been explored that much. As you put on the headset it could be as though you were sitting down inside a massive movie theatre. With the high quality screen so close to your eyes, it would be like being in the biggest IMAX ever, and you can sit wherever you like!

You can also choose whatever background you want – like a living room with a huge TV on the wall or even a special screening area on the Moon. You could play games on this personal screen while other people use the TV, and you’ll never have to worry about sunlight spoiling the image anymore!

5. Medicine, Training and More

The applications of VR go beyond the world of entertainment in many unique and exciting ways. With this technology you could help train people in dangerous situations, like bomb defusing or military engagements, without having to put them in harms ways.

The use of VR headsets could allow surgeons a more detailed perspective on a person’s anatomy before and during an operation, or even help them to perform an important operation remotely when a person can’t get to a hospital.

And it could also help in the treatment of patients – for example using visual aids to stimulate the brains of stroke victims and aid their recovery. VR could even be used to treat people with crippling fears like agoraphobia by giving them small simulated doses of outdoor life.

The applications of Virtual Reality are almost endless, and we’re only at the beginning of a journey which will see the technology become and bigger and more important part of our everyday lives. With a number of headsets on the horizon, 2016 is set to be the year of VR.

The Oculus Rift VR headset will be available at Harvey Norman soon. Stay tuned for updates.

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