What is… Ultra High Definition?

16 times the clarity

These Ultra High Definition sets offer screen resolution, clarity and sharpness sixteen times greater than theHD telly sitting in your living room. This is insane. In the good way.

UHD TVis actually a blanket term for two separate resolutions – 4K and 8K.Your standard 4K UHD television is the more commonplace retail offering. It features a 3840 x 2160 resolution. In layman’s terms, a 4K UHD television set clocks in at four times the resolution of even the swankiestHD large screen home cinema. That’s four times the detail. That’s four times the precision. And that’s also the smaller of the two.

Then there’s 8K UHD TV.Its resolution is 7680 x 4320.This is the equivalent of an IMAX Cinema screen.This is the equivalent of four 4K UHD televisions.This is the equivalent of sixteen Full HD home cinema systems.In your living room.Madness.

The level of macro (or close-up) detail on these televisions is astonishing. The detail afforded its images rivals some of the finest DSLR cameras while the colour pallet on offer is more than double that in current HDTVs. These models all ship in a widescreen format and can run video at 120 frames per second. For contrast, film and televisions usually run video at 24 frames per second.

And as an additional benefit, all Ultra High Definition televisions will come with an “Upscale” option. Basically, this will take a standard HD image and multiply it by four (or sixteen) so it can play on UHD TV. In particular, more films are being shot in native UHD, particularly summer blockbusters like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Not only does this better showcase the spectacle, but it will drive a surge in UHDTVs on the market. Demand will go up. Manufacturers become competitive. Prices become more affordable.

So,Ultra High Definition Television. It’s on its way. But while the next generation in Audio-Visual home entertainment isn’t here just yet, it won’t be long until these Ultra High Definition beasties are sitting comfortably in your Living room as pride of place.

In Short: Although it seems like the Blu-Ray only just won out over the HD-DVD, a new era of visual fidelity is ushering in… Ultra High Definition Television

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