Is The Microsoft Surface Really a Laptop Killer?

The Ideal Mobile Device?

Microsoft’s vaunted Surface range constitutes a pair of premium tablets, the Surface 2 and the Surface 2 Pro.

Microsoft is billing the Surface 2 Pro as ‘The Most Productive Tablet on the Planet’ with good reason. The Surface 2 Pro wields an impressive Intel Core i5 Central Processing Unit. Coupled with a whopping 4GB of RAM to work with, this translates into much faster computation. Thus, running programs side by side in real time is now a reality. This tablet also ships with Windows 8.1. The new Operating System promises to let you experience the most advanced version of Windows as it was meant to be used i.e. with touch and swipe controls, a backlit keyboard (which doubles as a protective screen cover) and the Surface Pro Pen for the finer detail jobs!

The Surface 2 aims to replace the laptop computer, it also presents itself as a tablet and laptop computer. A two-point stand mount folds out from the back cover, propping the tablet up on any surface. Meanwhile, USB 3.0, HDMI and a microSD card reader can lug around all the files, photos, videos and presentations you might need for work. Finally, access to Microsoft Office ensures you can polish it all off even when on the move.

Finally, it’s not necessarily all work – a widescreen aspect ratio makes the Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro ideally designed to showcase your favourite movies and TV shows on their 10.6 inch Clear Type Full High Definition display. And with 512GB of potential storageto be filled with movies, TV, photos and games, the possibilities are boundless.

In Short: An in depth analysis of Microsoft’s Surface tablet range and why they may be a viable alternative to the traditional PC or laptop

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