More Than 20 Million Have Installed Windows 10


Microsoft has launched Windows 10, and people are signing up in droves.

The new operating system for desktops, laptops and tablets was released on 29th of July in a free update for users as far back as Windows 7. Microsoft has put a lot of time and effort into letting people know the update was coming , including placing an icon right on your desktop, and the results have been impressive.

According to reports, almost 70 million users have registered their interest in Windows 10, a process which you can do easily from your computer. Registered users are then informed when their download is ready, so as to ease the strain on the servers where the data is housed.

At the most recent count, almost 20 million people had actually managed to download the new software, with the new OS being installed by almost 1500 people every second since its release.

The figures are pretty amazing for the beginning of a new software cycle and they bode well for the future of Windows 10. For the most part the installations have been smooth, with few major reported bugs.

Microsoft says it wants to reach the goal of a billion installs within the next two to three years – something which they stand a good chance of achieving thanks to this initial boost. Currently over 60 percent of users are on Windows 7 with Windows 8.1 taking around 13 percent of the rest. It’s going to be a while before Windows 10 is matching those figures but Microsoft is definitely in it for the long haul.

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