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Your average laptop is a thing of great versatility – bringing work and entertainment together in a great package that’s ideal for movies, gaming, browsing and more. And they do all of these tasks admirably, but there’s one area they often fall down on – audio.

Built-in speakers are often small and tinny, recessed into the laptops hinges or otherwise compromised. The sound they produce tends to lack power and sharpness, as well as the mighty bass you want to hear from your favourite dance tracks or the latest action blockbuster.

Thankfully, one company has what it takes to bring out the best in your audio and they’ve teamed up with one of the world’s leading hardware manufactures to do just that.

Right now, HP Ultrabooks, Laptops, Desktops, Hybrids and Touchsmart PCs ship with BeatsAudio as standard. The Beats brand was established in 2008 by rapper Dr. Dre and businessman Jimmy Iovine, aimingto bring premium, studio quality sound to the masses via their headphone collections.

They bring that same philosophy to bear on the relationship with HP, with a range of hardware and software innovations. Powerful speakers adorn the Beats branded laptops, pumping out sound that is rich and full of life. On the software side, the Beats Audio system provides sophisticated processing with an equaliser that’s optimised for higher quality sound.

Many of the new HP range also include touchscreen functionality for even more control over your media and quad speaker options – if you really want to feel like you’re right in the middle of every moment of action.

There are also a range of Beats accessories available which can help you get even more out of your tunes. Don’t settle for substandard sounds anymore, check out what HP and Beats Audio can do for you.

In Short: If you’re looking to get more out of movies and music on your laptop look no further than HP hardware, powered by BeatsAudio

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