Banks are allowing customers to use their voice as a password


Ever think that you’ve too many passwords and struggle to remember them all? You may soon be able to use that voice as yours to access your account and make payments.

Dutch bank ING Netherlands is the first to leave passwords and PINs behind. It has made voice-activated payments available through its mobile banking app.

Customers of the bank are not only able to make payments, but can log into their account and check their balance just by speaking into their phone.

The technology is called voice biometrics, and is powered by Nuance’s virtual assistant Nina. Nuance claims that not only is it more convenient, but it’s more secure too.

Voice recognition, according to Nuance, isn’t susceptible to brute force attacks, and a failed attempt to trick the system can be recorded, stored and then used to improve security.

You can get an idea of how it works in the video below. Be warned though, it’s quite cheesy!


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