See What Happens to Alka-Seltzer in Zero Gravity!


Space, the final frontier… Or a place to make videos for the amusement of those of bound to this roiling rock known as Earth.

Can’t it be both?

This was certainly the attitude taken by astronaut Terry Virts who created a blog of water in the gravity-free air then added an Alka-Selzter tablet to it, just to see what happened.

The result is strangely mesmerising…

It’s really exactly what would happen if it was in a glass, complete with the fizzing action which throws off little sparkles of water. But the lack of gravity and the surface tension of the water causes it to form a perfect sphere, with all the action taking place inside.

While it’s certainly fun to watch, the point of this episode was to test out a new piece of equipment on the ISS – an extremely fancy RED Epic Dragon camera. It’s set to be used to record experiments and bring us some of the most detailed footage every from the space station, thanks to its ability to shoot at 6K resolution and 300 frames per second.

YouTube doesn’t support 6K (yet!) but you can see a 4K version by changing the quality on the lower right hand side of the video.

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