Windows 10 – Back to Basics


Windows 10 is here! And it’s all about making your life easier, plus it’s completely free!

It’s all gone back to basics, making what you need easy to find. That includes the reinstated Start button and menu and an experience which combines the best of Windows 7 and 8.

Windows 10 has new additions from mobile including Live Tiles in your start menu which can show you Facebook and newsfeed updates and a constantly changing notification centre with your messages and important stuff.

It’s also set to unify your digital world across mobile, tablet, desktop, Xbox One and laptop seamlessly. That’s a huge change for Microsoft and should see even more people engaging with their tablet and mobile ranges.

And they’ll have more to do on them as well, as the new operating system makes it easier than ever to develop apps. If it works on desktop it will work on mobile and Xbox and tablet and laptop. It opens up a world of apps to the Microsoft experience, and we can’t wait to see how the app store develops from here.

Above all Windows 10 is a great refresh, a way to get more out of your older machines and ensure everything is right up to date. And you get plenty of benefits, like the enhanced Edge web browser with advanced malware protection out of the box and easy streaming from your Xbox One. That’s a great feature when you’re fighting over the TV!

But the best news is that it’s totally free. Just head to the official site to get details on how to download it, or click the icon in your taskbar. The app will run to let you know if your system is compatible and the install is actually smaller than Windows 7 or 8 so you’ll get some space back on your hard drive!

Windows 10 is available everywhere for free from the 29th of July 2015.

Click here for the full Q&A which answers all your questions.

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