Heat Pump Dryers – Save With Energy Efficient Home Appliances

Save with heat pump dryers

If you’re looking to save on your home energy costs, a good first step is to look into heat pump dryer technology.

These systems have many benefits over conventional dryers that all come from the way the closed circuit of warm and cool air runs through your machine.

The warm, damp air from the drum is passed out via a condenser that cools the air and removes the waste water. The new dry air gives its heat back to the system and is passed back to the drum where the cycle begins again.

Heat and moisture are shared and recycled within a heat pump system, which means that not only is there minimal waste but also there’s no need for the dryer to have access to an outdoor vent. And the efficiency means that the operating room doesn’t become as warm and damp as with conventional dryers and the operation is almost silent.

These machines are also self-cleaning, with lower overall temperatures that are easier on the fabrics inside. And this all adds up to a more efficient system overall, using up to 40 percent less electricity compared to others in its class.

Environmentally conscious, quiet, easy on fabrics and more cost effective, the benefits of heat pump technology are clear to see.

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In Short: With home dryers employing heat pump technology you can get great results with less waste and noise for a fraction of the cost

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