Digital Cameras – You Get What You Pay For!


This week, a story emerged from the UK about a woman called Kirsty Fuller who bought a new digital camera before going away on her honeymoon.

Nothing unusual about that, the issues started when Kirsty returned from her trip to South America and downloaded the more than 300 snaps onto her home computer. There she found that they were all far from what she was expecting.

They were dull and underexposed, with most lacking in any fine detail. The worst of the photos didn’t even seem to be in focus, leaving the newlyweds devastated. It turns out the camera was bought at a local retailer for the price of £40, half off the original cost.

As unfortunate as Kirsty’s case is, it does highlight a couple of important facts when you’re going to buy any piece of technology. You should always spend some time researching or talking to an expert and you generally get what you pay for.


If you’re planning a once in a lifetime trip, it’s absolutely worth spending a little extra time and money to help preserve those treasured memories. Here are a few quick tips for camera buying.

Megapixels aren’t everything. While the number might be a good indication of the resolution of your final shots, it doesn’t tell you anything about the quality of the sensor being used. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about anything you’re planning on buying – the experts at Harvey Norman will be happy to help.

Consider a superzoom. For versatility and value for money, it’s hard to match a superzoom. They combine the portability of a point and shoot with the power of a DSLR and offer up incredible optical zoom ranges. They’re perfect for snapping pics of animals from afar, getting quick shots of potentially blurry kids and generally have advanced features to help make great photos.

Check as you go. If you’re taking a lot of photos its always worth double checking that they’re being recorded correctly. Make sure to have a new formatted SD card (as big as you can afford!) and use the back panel to preview the final image. For the best results, take a number of shots for any important moment, especially involving people – we have a habit of blinking!

Most of all, just give yourself a little extra time, consider what you need the camera for, how much storage you’ll need and other important elements. Then pop into Harvey Norman and we’ll show you how!

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