New Google Maps feature will keep tabs on your location history


Google Maps’ new “Your Timeline” feature will let you view everywhere you’ve visited on a given day, month, or year.

Your Timeline lets you see where you were at a glance via Google Maps. It creates this picture based on data pulled from your devices when logged into your Google account.

This new feature also links up with Google Photos. Users will be able to quickly see any photos they took on a given day at a location within the Your Timeline feature.

The overarching principle behind this feature has actually been available for some time. Previously, users could access this data from their dashboard. The Your Timeline feature simply presents this information in a more user-friendly manner.

The information collected will be visible from the Google Maps menu on the desktop or Android.

Google was keen to reassure users that Your Timeline is private and visible only to you. Users will only be able to see this data if they’ve enabled location history storing with Google. So you should probably read through prompts when using Google services in the future if you’re concerned.

It is also possible to delete a specific day, location, or even your full history whenever you want.

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