GoPro Updates – Edit on the Go and Sell Your Awesome Footage!


GoPro are the premier creators of action cameras, with a range of products to suit every budget and every activity you get up to.

And that’s really true – you can get mounts for surfing and skydiving and skateboarding and also attach the cameras to your guitar or drum kit. Action junkies will benefit from slow motion while nature buffs can create amazing time lapses with ease. It’s an amazing system, and its about to get even easier to use.

GoPro President Tony Bates has confirmed that a new mobile app is on the way before the end of the summer which will let you trim and edit videos on the go. You won’t have to worry about downloading and convert the large files, just get your clips together and share to social media.

It’s the first step in a wide change which will introduce automatic cloud storage for your footage and photos and could later lead to intelligent software which automatically creates clips from what you’ve uploaded. Sort of like Google Photos, but for the awesome parts of your life.

And speaking of awesome footage, GoPro has just announced a new initiative which will be able to pay users to license their video. Approved video creators will be able to upload their stuff to a Content Licensing Portal where companies can come to grab the specialised footage they need, rather than going out to shoot it themselves.

It’s a smart way to bring an even greater sense of community to the GoPro experience, and will also encourage users to get out and make the most of their equipment. By making the ecosystem both wider and deeper, and even more accessible to newcomers without expensive video editing software, it’s a better GoPro-powered world for all.

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