Apps in Your Sitting Room – Getting the Most Out of Your SmartTV

Apps in your living room

Smart TV’s are all about changing the way you use that big box in your living room.

In addition to offering you top quality picture and sound for the programmes you want to watch, they’re also becoming increasingly sophisticated inside. That makes them basically like another computer that you can use for a variety of extra functions with ease.

The first thing a SmartTV needs is an internet connection. Some models require a wired connection but most will work over Wi-Fi. And one of the most startling things about Smart TV’s is the fact that a huge number of users never bother to connect them to the internet!

After the simple set up, you’ll find a whole new world of interactive options – from live recommendations depending on what you’re watching to a multitude of apps that you can use right from your screen.

These Smart TV apps are similar to those on a smartphone or tablet – giving you access to third party services and extending the functionality of your TV. So with a few simple actions you’ll be able to download and use Skype and make a call across the world with your TV – many modern units also include a high quality camera for proper facetime!

More conventionally, you can use catch up services on many Smart TV’s like Channell 4’s amazing 4oD and the RTE Player. And if you’re looking for even more movie options you can also try out Netflix and get streaming great flicks straight away.

Music lovers will wants to get into Spotify and in some cases you can even have an app open while watching TV in another window. Proper multi-tasking.

Some apps aren’t ideally suited to the TV screen – especially when a lot of typing is required. Services like Twitter and Facebook are often available but typing in long messages with the TV remote can be frustrating, though in some cases you might be able to use an external keyboard.

So plug in and discover the possibilities of Smart TV – you might be surprised by what you find!

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In Short: You may have bought a brand new SmartTV but are you getting the most out of it? Here’s our guide to the best apps on board.

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