Want to be less socially awkward? There’s an app for that!


Whether you’re at a dinner party, out on a date, or simply meeting up with colleagues for lunch, you need a conversation piece. But if you’re stuck for words or find yourself sitting in awkward silence, there’s an app to help dig you out of that hole.

Blush No More is designed to act as a cheat sheet, no matter what the occasion is. You can tell it where you are, what you’re doing, or what you are seeing and it’ll prompt you with questions to pose to whoever you’re with. It can even be consulted in case of emergency if you find a conversation running out of steam.

Its creator, Mark Macias, says that it is “just a little cheat sheet for people, the questions are all open ended.” He says it could help on first dates, at business networking events, and a variety of other social situations.

The free apps features around 250 questions. These were inspired by journalists because who better to get people to talk than those who are trained to do so for a living?

Not only does it help you find the right things to say, but it can also tutor you in body language. Hopefully it recognises signs that the other person is getting frustrated that you keep checking your phone.

We wonder where it got its inspiration from.



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