Sneaky Seagull Steals A GoPro


Whenever friends or family members get back from holidays, there’s that polite willingness to look at photos and videos. But they tend not to hold the interest for that long. These tourists, however, have some stunning GoPro footage and a great story to share thanks to a seagull.

While on vacation on the Cíes Islands in Spain, they recorded a seagull minding his own business. Apparently, it eventually decided that it didn’t want to be filmed anymore. It got the hop on the tourists, ran up, and grabbed the camera.

The seagull went on a little flight, capturing some amazing video footage as it flew with the GoPro in its beak.

As you can see, the GoPro captures high-quality footage, yet is tough enough to withstand being pecked at and carried about. It’s just as well that the seagull had a good grip; while the GoPro might have survived the fall – we’ve seen some amazing survival feats in the past – it’s less likely that they would have found their camera again.

Perhaps you should attach your GoPro to you, or at least keep a grip on it if there are animals around who are just waiting for the opportunity to run off with it.

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