Tinder Apple Watch App reads your heartrate to see who you like



Tinder is a very popular app which is all about a simple mechanic – when you see a picture of someone you fancy, just swipe to the right. If they like you too, you’ll be able to send private messages to each other.

Now some enterprising folks at a software company in Texas have taken this idea one step further by letting users make decisions using their heart. And we mean that literally – the app chooses to like or reject the photos based on changes in heart-rate.

The Apple Watch has a built in heart-rate monitor and they’ve managed to integrate it into the selection process on their version of the Tinder app. Increased heart-rate is a sure sign of attraction so if your numbers go up it’s taken as a right swipe.

On the other hand if there’s no change or your heart-rate actually goes down, then the person is rejected and it on to the next possible match.

Now you don’t even have to put in any effort to find the potential man or woman of your dreams! Though while the initial match up may be totally hands-free, you’ll have to get to your phone to actually make the connection with your future soul mate.

Hands –Free Tinder, taking your head out of the equation. Is that a good thing?

The app will be on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store soon.

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