Stainless Steel or Black – What is the Kitchen Trend for 2014?

Which style do you want for your kitchen?

If you’re planning on upgrading your kitchen appliances you already have plenty of choices to make but one is fundamental – do you go for a stainless steel or black finish?

Stainless steel appliances have seen unrivalled popularity for more than two decades. And there are plenty of reasons why – not only do they look great they also add an air of professional style to your kitchen. Plus, the reflective surface means it will fit in with most other colours.

That’s not to say stainless steel is perfect – maintenance is definitely an issue. Fingerprints can easily mar that gorgeous surface and any grease or food stains are difficult to clean, plus you have to apply oil to the surface afterwards to keep it in good shape.

The demise of stainless steel appliances has been heralded for ages, with manufacturers trying out different finishes and colours on practically a yearly basis. But it has remained remarkably steadfast, partly because there’s something timeless about the finish.

So could black finally be the colour that takes pride of place? It’s certainly a very different look and one that can add real contrast to your kitchen. Black is also easier to keep clean as spills won’t show up as obviously – though scratches and nicks will shine through.

Black appliances are less showy, creating a more subtle space. And with the upsurge in open plan households making the kitchen the centre of the home once more, it’s great to have the option of a colour that’s less obvious.

Other possible colours include White Ice (which never reached the popularity of stainless) and Slate – a grey tone which gained attention recently. But one thing is certain, even if stainless steel loses some ground in the appliance race you can be sure it’s going to still be a popular choice for years to come.

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In Short: Outfitting your kitchen with all new appliances is a big decision, especially when you have to consider the current kitchen trends

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