What Your Headphones Say About You

What do yours say?

Your headphones are more than just tools to pump your favourite tunes into your ears. They are by their very presence upon you, a statement of fashion. Whether you like it or not the size, shape, colour and design of your headphones will mesh with the clothes you’re wearing, and what they say about you.

For instance, if you rock a pair of budget range JVC Gummy headphones, available in blue, orange, green, pink, red, purple and white, you’ll be considered a savvy consumer, wisely matching or bravely contrasting your getup with bright, colourful earbuds.

Alternatively, you might not care one jot for fashion – you just want to listen to your favourite tracks while you get your jog on. If this is the case you’ll likely sport something akin to the Philips Bluetooth Sports headphones, which hook around your ears for super stability while you exercise.

Likewise, anyone strolling around with a pair of monstrous Sennheiser headphones knows what they like, and what they like is loud! Boasting ear-consuming cups, Sennheiser are the premiere brand when it comes to audio fidelity. Anyone wearing a pair of these headphones wants to catch every single beat.

That said, you obviously don’t have to compromise. Monster’s DNA On-Ear headphones boast that all engrossing musical experience but also speak volumes about your fashion sense with their hot pink lining and striking chassis design.

Finally, while it’s a blatant generalisation to say if you’re wearing a pair of Beats by Dre ‘Solo HD’ you are, by definition, into Hip-Hop, I may not be wide of the mark. These headphones were made with Hip-Hop in mind. And while they’ll serve you well no matter the genre, it’s also a colourful range that should complement darker clothing.

Your headphones give away more about you than you might expect. So if you’re going to make a statement, make it well with any of the products listed above.

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