The Rise of Capsule Coffee

Cheaper than a cafe

There’s nothing like a fresh coffee, straight from the machine at your favourite coffee shop. The beans zing with flavour and your barista knows exactly how to balance out the flavours of your favourite brew. The real question is, can you get that fresh, barista experience at home? Now you can with the increasing popularity of pod and capsule coffee machines.

Capsule coffee machines are all about making great coffee accessible to all. You simply get a machine from any of a range of manufacturers and grab some capsules of your favourite brew. There are a range of possible flavours and blends, giving you total control over your coffee hit. Just load the machine, and go – the capsule is pierced and flushed with boiling water, leaving you with a perfect espresso instantly!

The benefits of these machines are obvious – you’ll get everything you need for a single shot of top quality coffee without any of the mess of more sophisticated machines and the taste is far superior to regular ground coffee. You can also pick and choose which type of brew you want and the foil-wrapped capsules ensure you’ll get a fresh taste every time.

What’s more, you can get that real coffee taste at a discount. Grabbing a quick cup at your local coffee shop can be expensive but capsules from a brand like Nespresso start at just 39 cent – saving you time and money.

By now, most people will be familiar with the ubiquitous Nespresso brand of capsule coffee machines. The machines themselves are superbly styled, and have won numerous design awards for the entire range. But they’re also supremely functional, a combination which has seen the Nespresso brand spread into top class restaurants around the world.

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In Short: If you want that fresh barista coffee experience fast and in the comfort of your own home then you need to seek out a Capsule Coffee machine

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