GoPro HERO4 Session is the Smallest and Lightest GoPro Yet


There’s yet another new GoPro product on the way, and this one looks like a bit of a revolution!

Say hello to the GoPro HERO4 Session…

GoPro has been really busy recently, introducing the HERO4 range with Black and Silver options as well as the standalone Hero and a version with a built-in LCD. But they’re not about to stop, with the announcement of the all new Session.

And this looks to be their most compact camera yet, at just 74 grams – the HERO4 Black is 89g. it also comes in a new shape which is more like a cube yet still retains the waterproof and rugged design you expect.

It’s all about making it more wearable than ever before, without having to worry about the extra bulk and hassle of a case. The unique design of the Session together with the new low profile frame lets it huge tightly to its subject like never before.

It’s also the most straightforward GoPro ever with a single button on the top that makes it go and stop with one press. It’ll just start recording video or capturing amazing timelapses so you can keep your eye on the action.

More unique features include a dual mic set up – one on the front and another on the back of the Session. If you’re in a very windy environment it will switch to the mic which is more sheltered, giving you a better chance of capturing decent audio.


And of course it features high quality video and stills from any angle. The Session captures up to 1440p at 30 frames per second and goes to 100 FPS at 720p or even higher at WVGA resolution. You can take single 8 megapixel photos or capture 10 frames in a single second – perfect for when you know the action is going to be over in a flash.

There are also timelapse options and extra ProTune settings, which you have direct control over via the fully-featured smartphone app or optional remote control.

Every Session comes with the standard and low-profile frames as well as a curved and flat adhesive mount and the versatile ball joint mounting buckle. There’s also a USB cable for charging the new battery, which is built-in to the unit.

The Session camera looks like a great addition to the GoPro lineup, and its set for launch later in July 2015.

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