The Pebble Smartwatch Has Arrived at Harvey Norman!


There’s an amazing story behind Pebble, a tiny American company which basically invented the modern smartwatch. The company has its roots in wearable technology going back more than half a decade but it all hit the stratosphere in 2012 with the launch of their first Kickstarter in April 2012.

30 days later, the campaign had managed to earn more than $10 million from close to 70,000 backers breaking all previous records on the site. It pretty much legitimised the huge crowdfunding industry overnight and, not incidentally, produced a very cool product.

The Pebble is a smartwatch but it’s not like anything else on the market. For one, it plays nice with both iOS and Android – which is a majorly big deal these days. And one of its other great features is that it has a battery which can last for seven days between charges.

It’s also a neat little watch with a cool and simple design which emphasise physical buttons over a touchscreen. It features an E-paper display – something like a Kindle – which contributes to that amazing battery life and adds a unique aspect to its design.

With Pebble, you’ll get a notification on your wrist whenever you receive anything on your phone. So whether it’s a text, a phone call or message saying you’ve just been tagged on Facebook, you’ll be able to get all caught up with a glance and get on with your day.

Lots of big companies also produce custom apps for the Pebble, including ones to help you track your run, check in with Swarm, see the latest news from the BBC and even scout around your local area with TripAdvisor.

There are also heaps of watchfaces which you can swap out at any time to customise your style. And it comes in a lightweight device which is totally waterproof – good for showering and even going for a swim.

The Pebble has also recently been given a new Timeline update, showing off your important upcoming events and those from the recent past with a touch of a button. Are you ready to get your first smartwatch?

The Pebble smartwatch is available from Harvey Norman stores now.

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